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Cell Phone/PC Monitoring

Computer and network surveillance is the monitoring of computer activity, of data stored on a hard drive, or being transferred over computer networks such as the Internet. The monitoring is often done surreptitiously and may be done by or at the behest of governments, by corporations, criminal organizations, or individuals. It may or may not be legal and may or may not require authorization from a court or other independent agency. Computer and network surveillance programs are widespread today, and almost all Internet traffic is or could potentially be monitored for clues to illegal activity. Surveillance is very useful to governments and law enforcement to maintain social control, recognize and monitor threats, and prevent/investigate criminal activity. With the advent of programs such as the Total Information Awareness program, technologies such as high speed surveillance computers and biometrics software, and laws such as the Communications Assistance For Law Enforcement Act, governments now possess an unprecedented ability to monitor the activities of citizens.

Discover It

Discover It is a 2-in-1 Solution!

Get a quick peek at suspicious images or chat sessions from our exclusive Discover It. This PC monitoring software packs two solutions into one small device. Once loaded onto a PC, it scans for pornographic content from still images as well as videos, and chat history from chat solutions such as Skype, Trillian, and MSN. It creates detailed reports of each questionable file sorting them into a "clean" and "not clean" category.

Use the same interface to scan chat logs and read multiple threads. Discover It can delete a chat history from a PC, a feature that can't be undone by any software tool.

Faster than other PC monitoring software, the Discover It is immune to software viruses and runs covertly on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.


Do you need help on the Discover It, click on this link to see the help files contained on the Discover It for more information go to




Click & Hold your left mouse button on the picture,
then move your mouse left to right to see all 360°

• Scan for pornographic content from still images as well as videos

• Check out chat histories from Skype, Trillian, MSN, and more

• Much faster than other PC monitoring software

• Immune to software viruses

• See detailed reports every time surveillance is performed

• Read multiple threads in the same report by choosing "Enable Multi Threading"

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Porn Application: Review images while scanning If detected by Discover It the questionable images will be marked as safe Reads files protected by password Scans videos Scans for specific time period Can't be deleted from the device nor can it be replicated, the software resides on a smart stick Chat Application: Much faster than other software on the market Can delete chat logs Quickly detects chat clients installed on PC and then scans and creates reports. Supports Skype, Trillian, and MSN