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Mr. Security Acquires Bradenton Lock & Security, Inc.

Mr. Security is pleased to announce the acquisition of Bradenton Lock & Security, Inc. based in Bradenton, Florida. With more than 100 years of continuous service to Southwest Florida, Bradenton Lock & Security, Inc. has built a lasting reputation of matching client requirements with their budget and delivering quality work at fair prices - a legacy that Mr. Security plans to continue.

Certified Master Locksmith John Hubbard passed his established company to Mr. Security CEO, Steve Parsloe, in what aims to be a lasting business relationship - allowing Mr. Security to expand services in the locksmithing industry. 

A division of Bradenton Lock & Security, Custom Security and Electronics, has moved from its location at 6216 28th Street East, Bradenton, FL, to the Mr. Security location at 1055 S. Tamiami Trail, at the intersection of Bahia Vista Street and US 41. In addition to Mr. Security's current services including surveillance systems, hidden cameras and other spy wear, the location will now offer locksmithing services, retailing hardware including Schlage, Amsec safes, Gardall safes, Emtek door hardware and Don-Jo hardware. 

Through this acquisition, Mr. Security will add these services:

24/7 emergency services
Rekeying - making new keys for old locks
Master Keying - making a master key for multiple doors
Safes - changing combinations, installation, moving, opening, service and maintenance
Door & Lock Repair - lock and hardware repair of broken or worn out parts and retrofit with new hardware
Door Closers - door closer sales, installation and replacement
Lockouts - residential and commercial lockouts only 

For more information on this release or if you are seeking services - please call (941)756-0664.

GPS Trackers: Summer Trips & Teen Tragedy

As we push through the first day of summer – we’re all very aware of the steepening temperatures, but while we’re busy at work – our teens and children may be relying on their young friends for entertainment, leaving parents and grandparents out of the loop. As kids pile into cars bound for amusement parks, outdoor adventures and summertime road trips – parental worries are at an all time high. Simple devices are designed for situations like this – for peace of mind when you have the least control.

Now, live-GPS trackers give families the ability to track their loved ones in real time – whether they be a teenager travelling with friends or a young child making their way home from school. Features vary depending on these products but they are all designed with one thing in mind –  the ability to help locate a person in an emergency. Why wouldn’t you protect a loved one with these simple security products?

Silvercloud Real-Time GPS Tracking System
Users are able to preset perameters on this device, setting up a notification system that alerts them to unusual behavior. This discreet system is not only beneficial for location monitoring, but users receive reports on driving behavior including speed and stops. Better yet, you can monitor movement and updates from your smart phone in real-time, meaning a live play-by-play of vehicle location and driving habits.

For Long Life: GPS Spark Nano Tracker

For the heavy-duty and low-maintenance tracker! The GPS Spark Nano Tracker has a six-month battery. It can be used to track your children, vehicles and even assets. Again, this tracker is easily monitored from any computer and easily installed.

A Parental Favorite: iTrail by SleuthGear

Convenience and discretion. This device gives you instantaneous play back of anything – from a vehicle to a child. The easy-to-use magnetic case gives you the quick ability to simply place the device under the hood of a car. The logger also records location, speed, time and displays all of this information on userfriendly Google Maps.

A Parental Favorite: Parental/Spouse Monitoring Package

Spy Cobra PC Monitoring Software is bringing a new monitoring technology to the table. This package includes a key stroke monitor which saves all keystrokes and screenshots on a computer, covertly storing it to the device. The second item in the package is a GPS logger that you can simply place in a vehicle or even in your childs back pack. 

Monthly Service… Is It Worth It?

A GPS tracking device is not a one-time purchase. Like a phone service, the devices require a service fee each month as low as $19.95. With these services, you receive live-time reports on whatever you choose to track, all in a very easy to use program. A statistical study performed by the National Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 5,000 teens are killed annually in traffic collisions, which makes it the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 15 and 20. A GPS tracking device like SilverCloud gives you the ability to monitor your teens driving habits, giving you foresight into their ability behind the wheel. These devices enable you to properly monitor and offer guidance to your teens to greatly reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities among teenage drivers.

Nanny Cams: Horror Stories & How They Helped

"The police officer told me 'if you hadn't caught this when you did, there's no doubt in my mind that you would have come home and not had a baby anymore.'”

Irregular and unexplained bruising, avoidance of parents or caregivers, anti-social behaviors and fear of adults are just a few signs of physical child abuse. As a parent, we understand that work and personal responsibilities can wear thin on your daily routine – instructing a nanny or babysitter is often the only way to balance work, personal time and your child's safety. When you invite a caregiver into your home – you’re trusting a paid worker with the safety of your most precious belonging – your child.

We took a look at some of the most horrific caregiving crimes and how nanny cams were used to capture and prosecute the nightmare nannies.

Meet Stephanie Merrill, 26, a nanny cam caught a day’s worth of video of her “babysitting” 7-month-old twins at a family home. The motion-detecting nanny cam was in a clock and installed by the Lindsay Addison, the mother of the twins, when she returned back to her job. What it captured was criminal. Addison viewed the video in real time from her computer at work, when she returned home – she fired the nanny. Merrill pled guilty to child abuse and had to perform 30 hours of community service and attend an eight-month long class on childcare.


In Houston, TX, 48 year old Tirza Magana is charged with endangering child, a felony. A nanny cam installed by a Montrose-area couple captured Magana smothering a 4-month old child repeatedly, carrying her by the head and carelessly throwing her on her crib on multiple occasions. The parents immediately fired Magana. She admitted to authorities that she smothered the baby multiple times a day for a month and understood her actions could have caused the baby’s death.


“Every time that Melissa would ring the doorbell, Raylee would start screaming and crying and cling to us” -Whitney Matney, Mother of Abused Child

Whitney Matney instructed the help of Melissa Medema, a former classmate, to watch her one-year-old daughter. Immediately, there were tell-tell signs of abuse. Matney decided to install a hidden nanny cam in the home. When recounting the abuse, she says Medema would shake the baby repeatedly, then drops her from a standing position. As a mother, she said the footage was so disturbing that she had to watch it two or three times before it actually registered what was happening. Medema was instantly fired,  arrested, two days later and spent 88 days in Benton County Jail after pleading guilty to a Class D Felony.

These three cases are just minor looks at the criminal activities happening behind closed doors. Ignorance is bliss, but not in this case. The attention and monitoring of nanny cams by parents and family can prevent a tragedy. We highly recommend using a nanny cam in a high traffic area of your home – the living room, play room, your child’s bedroom. Discreet is always best for these situations, especially because you don’t want criminal activities happening knowingly outside of the camera’s scope. Also, real-time recordings allow you to monitor live footage of your home and your child.

Many people frequently ask about the perameters of nanny cams and covert recording without permission. Nanny cams are legal in all 50 states, and as a homeowner - you are allowed to record anything that happens in your home. Audio recordings vary state to state, so be sure to check with your state's limitations and law.  

You can learn more about our featured nanny cams and hidden cameras, here.


Best Places for Nanny Cams

Your child’s safety should always be a main concern, especially when left in the care of another. For many parents, being able to check in on their child the best peace of mind. For a few hundred dollars, families now have the ability to do this and according to statistics – more parents are turning to nanny cams as a solution to the unknown.

If you haven’t invested in these nifty tools yet, you should very seriously consider. A nanny cam is a small covert camera that can be placed in any room of the home. They are often motion activated and allow parents to monitor how their caregiver interacts and treats their child.

While this form of monitoring often raises some controversy – we recommend keeping your decision to use a nanny cam private. In many cases, nannies that know where the camera is located are likely to change their normal patterns of activities to exclude that area and also change behavior.

Nanny cams can be placed anywhere throughout your home, but you want to choose a location that gives you a wide viewing angle of the room, consider the following:

1. Living Room

A living room is often the center of the home. It’s where your child enjoys games and his or her family shows. There are places to sit, lay and play. More than likely, your babysitter will be right there too. Consider placing a HC Wifi Wall Clock above the television, facing the sofa area and scoring a wide view of the entire room, including the floor – where a child will play and sit.

 2. Nursery

So often we hear of horror stories about babies being thrown into their crib, shaken and neglected. There are many places in the nursery to put a nanny cam and it will remain undetectable. Consider a camera like this, the small pin camera is installed into a teddy bear. The camera works on a body heat detector, monitoring only when someone is in the room. For extra peace of mind you can view the recording remotely from your iPad or smart phone.

3. Appliances

Consider covert cameras that are installed in everyday appliances. The outlet cam is exactly as it seems, a covert camera installed into an outlet plug. By simply replacing one of your original outlets with this camera system – you can turn any room into a surveillance area. Another inconspicuous appliance is a typical household staple, the iPod dock.

4. From Above

Capture full scale views of an entire room with this hidden camera. Hidden inside this smoke detector is a side view camera with heat sensor. The beauty of this device? It works in total darkness. Monitor this virtually undetectable camera remotely from your iPad, computer or smart phone.