Customer Service

About Us

We've been in the Surveillance & Security industry for over twelve years, with a team of former Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Military professionals with many more years of “hands on” service and everyday knowhow. With technical knowledge of almost every conceivable permutation of application, five star customer service and good-old-fashioned hard work. Our reputation of excellence has been acknowledged time and time again from both industry peers and consumers.

Mr. Security Pledge of Service:

Informed consumers make informed decisions; it is therefore paramount that we educate our customers on real world situations and how to solve them using the very best solution available. With so many products on the market and the vast difference in quality, it is highly unlikely that the untrained eye can spot the good from the bad. The Mr. Security Pledge is that we guarantee the quality and functionality of every product, as we have tested and used every product, prior to giving it our stamp of approval and in many cases have actually been to see the manufactures facility.

Our Products:

All of our products are of the highest quality and have been through our very own testing center to assure that both quality and functionality are to the highest standards.

With so many “cheap manufactures” from China it is a vital part of the Mr. Security Pledge that we stand by all of our products and offer the very best in customer service, technical support and lifetime valued service.

Customer Service:

Second to none customer service, quality control, lifetime technical support, and Detective support for the most delicate situations is all part of the Mr. Security experience. Good old fashioned customer service paired with the very latest technology and good old fashioned policing expertise.